1. First day

    October 27 (Thurs.)

    • Opening ceremony
    • Thematic meetings Click here for Thematic meetings
      • Introduction
        Koji Nakamura(Visiting Professor at Kanazawa University, Visiting Professor, UNU-IAS)
      • Parallel sessions
    • Experts meeting
  2. Second day

    October 28 (Fri.)

    • Plenary meeting

      9:30~12:30: International symposium

      • Guest speeches
        Yutaka Shoda (Deputy Director-General, Nature Conservation Bureau, Environmental Policy Bureau, Ministry of the Environment)
        Keisuke Isogai (Director-General, Commissioner's Secretariat, Agency for Cultural Affairs)
        Ryuko Inoue (Deputy Director-General, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
      • Keynote address
        :Biocultural Diversity: Linking People with Nature
        Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Senior Visiting Professor, UNU-IAS, Professor at the University of Tokyo)
      • Presentation
        :Regional revitalization utilizing Ishikawa’s nature and culture and succession to the next generation
        Masanori Tanimoto (Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan)
      • Lecture
        :KOMATSU’s Efforts on Regional Revitalization in Ishikawa
        Shuji Yamashita( Senior Executive Officer, Vice President, Production Division, Komatsu Ltd.)
      • High-level talk session
        :Global agenda and biocultural diversity
        MC : Kazuhiko Takeuchi(Senior Visiting Professor, UNU-IAS, Professor at the University of Tokyo)
        Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias (Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
        Flavia Schlegel(Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO)
      • Lecture
        :We Love You Planet!~Let's spend one's life politely~
        IRUKA (Singer-songwriter, IUCN Goodwill Ambassador, A picture book writer)

      14:00~16:30: Forum

      • Lecture
        Nature and Cultural Diversity - The importance for humanity
        Koichiro Matsuura( Former Director-General of UNESCO)
      • Report of the thematic meeting
        Hellin Brink(UNESCO-SCBD Joint Programme)
        John Scott(Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
        Masahito Yoshida(University of Tsukuba)
      • Panel discussion
        :Building Partnership for local nature and culture from Asian perspectives
        Tsunao Watanabe( Director, Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa, UNU-IAS)
        Panelists: Fumiko Nakao (Director, Global Biodiversity Strategy Office, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan)
        Yang-bo Kim (Director-General of Environment Conservation Bureau of Jeju Special Self-governing Province, Korea)
        Gerald Jetony( Senior Geologist at Natural Resources Office, State Government of Sabah)
        Norio Mitani (Chief Editor, Manufacturing Engineering Dept., Awazu Plant, Komatsu Ltd.)
        Shinjiro Imura( Organic Farmer, President, Kanazawa Agriculture, President, Kanazawa Daichi Co., Ltd. President, Asian Agriculture Co., Ltd.)
        Yuki Hagino( Leader of Team Maruyama)
        Takashi Azuma (Director-General, Planning and Development Department, Ishikawa Prefectural Government)

      16:50~17:30: Closing session

      • Youth Session report
        Student representatives from Kanazawa Izumigaoka High School and Nanao High School, Thai high schools, and universities
      • Ishikawa Declaration Click here for Ishikawa Declaration
      • Special commendation
      • Organizers’ addresses
        Toyokazu Fushima (Mayor of Nanao City)
    • Reception
  3. Third day

    October 29 (Sat.)

    • Field excursion

      Excursion Courses

      1. Traditional Culture and Sustainable Regional Development in Noto’s Satoyama-satoumi
      2. UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage: Aenokoto and Human Resource Development Using the Nature in Noto
      3. Regional Vitalization through Sustainable Fishing and Tourism
      4. Sustainable Agriculture and Traditional Culture in Noto
      5. Mt. Hakusan Biosphere Reserve and Fermented Food Culture
      6. Protection of Japanese Crested Ibis and promotion of gibier at the foot of Mt.Hakusan
      • *Scheduled arrival time for Noto excursions courses 1- 4 are:
        • 15:40 Noto Satoyama Airport
          (Connecting to the NH750 flight from Noto satoyama Airport to Haneda Airport departing at 16:30)
        • 18:00 Kanazawa station
        • 19:00 Komastu Airport
          (connecting to the JL192 flight from Komastu Airport to Haneda Airport departing at 19:45)
      • *Scheduled arrival time for the excursions course 5 is
        • 18:00 Komastu Airport
          (Connect to the NH758 flight from Komastu Airport to Haneda Airport departing at 18:50)
        • 19:00 Kanazawa station
      • *Scheduled arrival time for the excursions course 6 is
        • 16:40 Komastu Airport
          (Connect to the JL190 flight from Komastu Airport to Haneda Airport departing at 17:45)
        • 17:40 Kanazawa station
      Click here for Field excursion
  4. Click here for program destributed on the day(PDF:1.42MB)

    ※The above program is slightly different from distributed as there were changes made on the day.